New Alliance Group visually enhances homes, apartments and clubhouses to bring out the positive features and create a warm, welcoming environment. Home staging is a very important process in selling a house. A potential buyer must be able to visualize him or herself in that space. This can be difficult when the rooms are empty or filled with clutter and personal belongings. Our staging professionals can provide or remix furnishings to enhance the best features of each room in the house and help the buyer see how they could feel at home there.


Staged homes sell up to seven times faster. Staged homes also sell for an average of 17% to 20% more than comparable un-staged properties. The cost of staging a home is very reasonable and will always be less than a reduction in asking price. Our staged homes sell even when other homes in the market are not moving.


New Alliance Group provides home staging and remixing for homeowners, realtors, and builders. Staging is one of the best investments you can make when selling your home and our staging professionals can help you maximize the return on that investment. Give us a call 1-800-218-4196 or Email Us today.


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No matter your home size, New Alliance Group can make it feel like home for the next family.