For most people, a home is their largest purchase and biggest asset. Walking through an empty house can challenge buyers.


Staging brings the insight and imagination they need to see themselves living in a home. Once they make that connection, they bid fast and high.


Homes that are staged sell 80% faster than homes that are empty.


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New Alliance Group can partner with you to get top dollar for your new home listings. When you lower the price of a property because of messiness and clutter, everyone loses. Let's forge a PARTNERSHIP to benefit you, your seller and let the potential buyer really see the home at it's best.


The best time to sell your house is in the first three weeks! Your home is the single biggest investment of your resources and your time. As you begin transitioning your home to the market and a new owner, you must create an inviting look and feel to your home. New Alliance Group will evaluate your home and make recommendations that are sure to bring the best return for your home.

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There is nothing like the appeal of a brand new home to a buyer! But, let's face it ... you are competing with a lot of other brand new vacant homes out there. New Alliance Group has the answer. Make your new vacant house look like a home that will appeal to buyers. More buyers want to see staged homes, increasing your visibility and showings.


In a competitive market it is important to make a strong first impression. Showing a staged apartment or model home will impress potential residents and reduce the time your units are vacant. Don't overlook your laundry room or other small spaces. It needs a warm inviting atmosphere that attracts people to your community, making it an asset. New Alliance Group can help you create a polished look that will reflect your unique qualities.

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